Simply for Creatives Acquired

So here’s a 1-minute intro and update with the BIG changes happening at Simply for Creatives that I want you to know about so you can tackle this part of your business! Spoiler alert - SFC is changing hands. Here’s the scoop!

Simply for Creatives was born in 2016 to help you, the creative entrepreneur, understand your finances in an easy to understand way. I know this stuff is scary! My goal has always been to make it easier so you can focus on what you love the most - the creative part!

See, I started out in the Financial Corporate World and left to start my photography business. I went to school for finance and accounting but creating and working with people is what I love most and where I really shine. That’s what holds my heart. As I walked away from my photography business and started diving in and helping you guys with all things finance, I started to feel a HUGE discrepancy in my life.

As Simply for Creatives grew, I saw the massive need for what we were doing and felt a huge responsibility to the creative community to help fill this gap. But God was whispering to me that He had something else He wanted to use my gifts for. That Simply for Creatives can be a great asset to you guys,just not with me in the driver seat. That took some time for my heart and head to reconcile (pun intended).

Long story short - The lovely Amy Northard - the CPA for creatives - will be soaking up parts of Simply for Creatives. She is the BEST, super smart, incredibly sweet, and so easy to work with, especially if you’re a creative. Amy understands the ins and outs of what a creative business looks like and what we need from a financial perspective.

You 100% need her in your corner. Which means you need to get your booty on her email list so you don’t miss updates and information that will help you. You can also schedule a call with her to learn more about what she does and how she can help you. I highly recommend that!

So what am I doing now? We’ve put full time RVing on hold and created a home base in the Charlotte, NC area again where I’ve opened up my photography studio part-time because having a camera in my hand makes me feel alive.

And y’all know I LOVE business and helping others build them. I still get to do that but in a different way now as a health and wellness educator and business builder with Young Living. It’s something I’ve always been passionate about and have done part-time for over 3 years. Now it’s just full time working with a big community of women every single day and helping people live healthier. Legit, the coolest job!

Now I can see God’s whispering come full circle. I get to use my gifts in different ways to the fullest every day which helps push me to be a better business owner and leader. For that, I’m forever grateful.

How to reach me - If you’d like to reach me, my email is [email protected]. You can also come hang out with me on Instagram @brittanylaurencreates.

How to reach Amy - Amy’s email is [email protected]. You can also opt-in to her emails (full of REALLY good finance and accounting information for your business), schedule a call with her, or check out her course right here!

Thank you guys SO much for all the support the last few years and for letting me be a part of your business journey! I wish you the absolute best in all that you do going forward and want to encourage you to be true to yourself and what you were called to do.


TLDR: Simply for Creatives has been acquired by Amy Northard, CPA - The Accountant for Creatives®.   You can reach me (Brittany) at [email protected].