Getting started with profitable pricing and packages

We are in the home stretch of this numbers series for photographers. If you’re jumping into the party a little late, here’s a recap! Your first 3 number planning steps are here. Then you ‘Easily Calculate How Much You Need to Make Per Client’ here To Choose Your Ideal Product Line here And now we’re digging into pricing, my favorite!…

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Choosing your ideal photography product line

As a photographer, in an ideal world, you’d photograph clients all day and all the business stuff would just fall into place. But I know you secretly want to get all that in order, but figuring out where to start is a challenge. This series was built for you! So if you’ve missed the first few steps, here ya…

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Easily calculate how much you need to make per client

Being a photographer. Mastering light. Pushing your creative limits to the test. Working with your awesome clients. Seeing the smile on their face the first time they see their images. Knowing your work will be on their walls forever. Those are the things that make your heart happy. Crunching your numbers. Not so much! So…

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